Best Baguette Platter

A collection of Pret's classic baguettes, including Pret's Famous Ham & Cheese, Pret's Caprese, Pret's Italian, Balsamic Chicken & Mozzarella, and Tuna & Cucumber. Great for 6 people. All baguettes are cut into quarters. Platter includes: 2 Pret's Famous Ham & Cheese Baguette (600 Calories) 1 Pret's Caprese (520 Calories) 1 Pret's Italian (610 Calories) 1 Balsamic Chicken & Mozzarella (590 Calories) 1 Tuna & Cucumber (600 Calories)
Please note our platters contain a selection of individual Pret products. For full ingredients & allergen information please see our Allergen Guide.
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